Praktisk information om finalen i Holland

(Fra Universiteit Utrecht)


Bring along:

the days are fully taken care of (except for the extra night(s) for foreign teams):


–      so you only need, coffee filters, coffee, tea bag, soft drinks and snacks for your own use in the bungalows (you can also buy things at the local supermarket)

–      sheets are in the bungalows, but you have to bring your own towels

–      write- and drawing materials, lap top with Word and Excel

–      (graphical) calculator


Special food:

This is possible; please let us know if you want vegetarian food or if you have other wishes concerning food (diet, allergies)



During both days some members of the A-lympiad Commission will be present.



West Cord Hotel Veluwe

Oud Milligenseweg 62


Tel: 0577 461951

Fax: 0577 462358


Travel description:

By car

From Amersfoort (A1)

From the A1 take exit Stroe/Garderen (17). Turn left onto the provincial road (N310, S6). After about three kilometers, turn on (N344) at the roundabout Apeldoornsestraat. You are now on the Apeldoornsestraat. Drive 1,5 kilometers and turn left onto Old Milligenseweg. After 100 meters WestCord Hotel De Veluwe is on your left.


From Apeldoorn (A1)

From the A1 take the exit Kootwijk (18). Turn right at the Kooterwijkerweg (N302). After about 2 kilometers, go left at the roundabout at the Amersfoortseweg (N344). After about 5 km turn right on Old Milligenseweg. After 100 meters WestCord Hotel De Veluwe is on your left.


Public transport

By train and taxi

Take the train to Putten. From here you can take a taxi to the hotel. Station Putten is 9,5 km from WestCord Hotel De Veluwe. This is about 13 minutes by taxi.


By train and bus

Take the train to Apeldoorn and Amersfoort. From here you can continue your journey by bus line 102. Get off at ‘Hoeve Oud Milligen’, then you walk onto the Old Milligenseweg. After ± 300 meters WestCord Hotel De Veluwe is located on your left.



From bus stop ‘Hoeve Oud Milligen’ it’s a five minute walk to the West Cord Hotel Veluwe.

To travel with bus or train you need a “OV-chipkaart” (smartcard) which costs € 7,50

For more information: OV-Chipkaart


By taxi from Schiphol:

It is also possible to take a taxi (bus) from the airport. This will cost about €150,- for 5 persons. More information you can find here: Schiphol-taxi




–      There are also other visitors at the bungalow park, who are enjoying their holiday, so please try to be quiet at night (especially after 11:00 PM).

Clean the bungalow on Saturday. The Hotel charges us extra if certain things are not clean. The amounts are between ( ) if things are not done: dishwasher empty (€ 15,00), empty the bins and put all the garbage in the containers on the park (€ 7,50 for each bag), sheets have to be taken off the bed and gathered at the front door (€ 7,50) Bungalow “broom-clean” (€ 15,00)